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: 10 ways of losing weight at home

10 ways of losing weight at home

14 Sep

Not everybody can get to the gym, or afford to a have a Personal Trainer, which is fine. But what you can do, is make sure that all the time you are not working out, you are doing positive things towards your fat loss goals.

With that in mind, I have made a list of 10 easy ways you can fight the fat from your own living room.




1. Putting all your treats either in the bin, or in a place that’s hard to reach

 I.e. in an aggressive guard dogs kennel or, a much safer and reasonable suggestion,  in the Attic. All humans are the same when it comes to being lazy, we want things now and right in front of us. So, if you remove the ease of finding rubbish food out of the equation, you will be less likely to eat it.

2. Eat Clean! 

I don’t just mean have a wash before you tuck into a kebab either. By simply reducing your sugar, bread, pasta and potato intake, you will see a dramatic reduction to your waistline. If you haven’t already done so, then subscribe to my newsletter by clicking on the little blue button at the top right hand of the screen and fill in your details. I will send you My 14 Day Fat Loss Guide, so you can get started straight away.


3. Drink a pint of water when having the urge to eat more

Studies have shown, that a pint of water can help with food cravings. The feeling of being bloated is enough to make you not want to eat. This technique can also be used with smoking, often when you are full of food, the last thing you want to do is have a cigarette. So the next time you think about heading for the biscuit tin, reach for the tap instead.


4. Walk the dogs as soon as you get up before work, if you haven’t got any dogs, walk yourself.

A morning power walk is extremely effective at kicking your metabolism into gear and helping you to optimise your fat burning potential. It will also wake you up too, and you won’t be one of those people who is giving it the “nodding dog” on the way to work. This can also apply to doing a workout, people who work out in the morning have shown better levels of concentration during the day, thus getting more work done. They have been shown to burn more calories too. If you have had a bad/long day at work, the last thing on your mind is to go to the gym, so get up a little earlier, and join the small group of elite people who hit the gym as soon as it opens! Then the rest of the day is yours to do as you please.


5. Sit on a fit ball instead of using the couch.

The lack of stability that the ball produce will require your body to work harder than lying spread eagle on the sofa. Not to mention the benefits it will have for strengthening your core, and improving your posture.


6. Use small plates to help with portion control when you come to dishing dinner up.

This is a tactic used by smokers who wanted to cut down on the amount of cigarettes they smoked per day. They would cut all the cigarettes in half that were in the packet, thus making them think they were smoking the same amount,but in reality the were smoking 50% less nicotine. The same rule can apply to food, it’s bizarre what you can do to trick your mind. Having a smaller plate is such a simple tactic to make you eat less. The bigger the plate, the more likely you are to fill it full of food.


7. Go to bed earlier.

Research has found that going to sleep late can cause a rise in cortisol, which relates to body fat around the belly. Nobody wants a muffin top! So stop watching big brother or whatever crap is on TV, and get a good nights sleep.


8. Be as active as possible. Eat your dinner while jumping up and down on the sofa!

No, don’t really, that’s stupid. But, do get out more. Take a walk to the shops instead of taking the car. Use the stairs where the elevator seems the easy option.


9. Have sex.

Yes, you heard it right. Get over it, it’s been said now. Sex can burn a lot of calories. It’s been proven! ( I suppose you can class that as High Intensity  Training.) So, get frisky with your partner, just make sure he lasts longer than 30 seconds.


10. Enjoy  life, enjoy family time.

Research has shown that people who enjoy life, not only live for longer and obviously stay happier, but also have a lower body fat percentage than those who don’t.  Don’t worry, be happy !


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