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: Wilmslow Personal Trainer | 35 things I live by

Wilmslow Personal Trainer | 35 things I live by

05 Oct


In life, I feel its important to have a set of rules to follow, or guidelines that you live by each day- you know, the sort of things that you do differently from other people.  These are mine, I’m not saying that they are perfect, or ones that you should follow, but, they are what I do, and they are what makes me, me.



Because YOU need it, I need it,we all feel better when we have had a good sleep. But anything longer than 8 hours is stupid. Don’t say “I can sleep when im dead” – its such a dick thing to say.


Enjoy life

There is one thing I intend on doing in life and that is enjoying it, by doing anything that I love to do. Whether that’s working less or spending money on things that I shouldn’t. I live with the idea that tomorrow I could possibly die, and it would be a great loss to the world, I know. Many hearts would be broken, so, I intend of enjoying it while it lasts.


Live life 80/20

80% Great. 20% Bad- In relation to diet and nutrition. 80% of it is exceptional great and 20% of it is a GFB (Guilt Free Blowout)


Write it down

Your memory is shit ( courtesy of John Romaniello )


Love people 

Life is short, fill it with love for someone.


Don’t be a prick / douche

Seriously, nobody likes them. People who go out of their way to make other uncomfortable- piss off, basically.


Don’t be a tight arse 

If you go out for a drink or meal with someone, pay your share, buy them a drink back, or don’t go out. I’m not saying give all your money away – but at least put up a fight to offer.


Don’t take life too seriously 

A friend of mine said to me once that there was no point in doing anything in life as you’re just going to end up dead.(I might check up on him actually) Of course that was a very depressing and disturbing thing to say- he must have just been dumped. I do think that he was meant to say, don’t take life too seriously, because we are all heading for the same place at some point.


Help as much as you can 

There is a lot that can be said for people with time to help others. Its not a way of people trying to be liked either.


Be spontaneous

Go to France for a day or something, be wild, just don’t be boring. Being spontaneous is great for the soul.


If you want something, go get it

“If people can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period”- Will Smith ‘Pursuit of Happiness’



Apart from broadening the mind, it shows you that there is actually another, if not better way to live your life.


Get so drunk you throw up, pass out and go to hospital- so that you know your limits and never do it again

I did this when I was 14 ish. My parents loved me for that.


Put more penny sweets into a bag than what you actually paid for

Obviously it would look very weird and extremely embarrassing if i did this now- and got caught. But as a child I did tell the man in the shop a white lie or two about the number of 1p sweets I had in my paper bag. An extremely liberating experience living that close to the under world.


Don’t lie

Slightly contradicting given the fact I’ve just told you about my criminal hay days, but I do obviously mean telling proper lies.  I despise anyone who lies, regardless of situation, truth should always be told.


Stay positive

Life is hard, for a playerrrr. All jokes aside, shit happens in life that can knock you for six. Staying down in the dumps about it isn’t going to help in any way at all. Find a funny video on you tube that will make you laugh, that normally sorts me out. Or follow the step below.


Surround yourself with positive peeps

Success begets success. If you want success, happiness,  or even to be mates with me- why wouldn’t you? Then you probably want to surround yourself with those types of people.


Say thank you

Manners cost nothing but go incredibly far. I held the door open for a lady the other day, she didn’t say thank you- I nearly threw up with rage.


Use the high five

I don’t care what anyone says. High fives are awesome and I use them regularly.



You’ll be dumb otherwise


Get to bed early, Get up early

I personally don’t like wasting time in bed. Especially on weekends, its such a waste of time, but thats just my opinion. Likewise, going to bed early is a must. Yes, I am 25 not 85.


Always strive for more

People who lack ambition, lack soul and never amount to anything. I asked a girl once, “what do you want to do with your life?” She said “a footballers wife” – we never spoke again.


Do things/ people that make you happy

Getting your freak on with someone that makes you happy is just the same as doing things in life that make you happy- if you dont like it, don’t do it.


Don’t hate people

It’s pointless, why waste energy on someone who isn’t important.


Nutella fingers are perfectly acceptable once in a while



Dress to impress

Image is everything,its not shallow to say that. Your personal appearance counts,dress the best you can.


Your mother does actually know best

She does, its annoying.


Don’t talk about yourself too much

You sound like a dick


Curls get the girls!



Punish in private, praise in public

This applies anywhere, relationships, work place, families. Having a domestic in public is embarrassing and awkward nobody wants to hear it. If you’re one of those bosses who humiliates their employees in front of everybody, then you A. Deserve a smack, and B. Shouldn’t be a boss- I have come across many in my time.


Try at all costs not to fight someone, but if it comes down to it, kick the crap out of them

This may not be the ‘correct’ way to go, but…ah well.


Use 2 sprays of aftershave

Nothing spells desperado more than a guy who wear half a bottle of ‘cool water’.



Don’t wear lynx – if anything it does completely the opposite to the adverts

’nuff said

Invest in self development

Without sounding like im about to sell you a book but , invest in yourself- be the best you possibly can be.


Know when to differentiate between the use of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’!

You deserve a punch otherwise

How do you live your life? Write yours down and share with me

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