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: 5 Simple Nutritional Rules

5 Simple Nutritional Rules

31 Aug



By now a lot of people are recognising that nutrition is a vital component of any goals you have in the gym. On one side of the coin, this is great as a lot of people are sharing information about what to eat, but on the other side it can lead you down a very mixed up road.

For me personally, I think there is a lot, dare I say it, too much confusion and conflicting information out at the moment about what you should eat, what you should avoid, how many grams of protein and carbs you need per meal etc.

When did everything have to become so specific and complicated?

If you are not an athlete , and if you are not getting ready to step on stage into a competition, then in my opinion, nutrition doesn’t have to be that hard. It really doesn’t.

You don’t need to count how much protein you have per meal, you definitely don’t need to weigh out everything either. You’re not a bloody robot

If you want to live a healthy life, lose a bit of body fat and build a bit of muscle then all you really need to do is to follow these 5 simple rules. They really are very simple.


1. Increase Protein Intake

Take your protein from good quality sources. Chicken, meat, fish. Preferrably organic. Protein is the only nutrient that can build muscle. Aim to have it every meal,breakfast lunch and dinner.


2. Increase vegetable intake

Go bonkers for veg! Anything brightly coloured, eat it. It will give you energy, make you feel great, boost your immune system, fight against numerous diseases and improve your memory. Get the family involved, and introduce your kids from an early age to bright colourful vegetables, they will love them, and according to research it will boost their concentration levels.


3. Increase fruit and nut intake.

Consuming fruit is a great way to get rid of any sugar craving, like chocloate for instance. All types of berries are a great anti oxidant source too.


4.Decrease grains and sugars

Treat these bad boys, as if they’re the devil. This is what is ruining ┬ápeoples health most of all. Did you know that farmers feed grains to their animals to fatten them up in order to sell them for a better price? What do you think they are doing to you?

Ever since the Agricultural revolution, humans have been showing a steady decline in health and strength. Interestingly though, prior to this, research shows that humans showed a peak in brain function and physical ability.

And for anyone who wants to argue this point about how bad grains are, then I strongly suggest you read Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora T Gedgaudas, as it will open your eyes a little more.


5. Take some fish oils

Forget all the other supplements out there for the time being and focus on getting some omega 3 in you. These have been proven to reduce heart diseases, high cholesterol, ADHD and depression. They can aid in pregnancy, weight loss, fertility and also skin care. Aim to use a good quality oil, the capsules are ok but you will find the oil to be a much better source. It also means you won’t have fishy burps!


That’s basically it!

I used to adhere to a different set of rules, not so long ago. I used to consume a lot of pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. Needless to say I didn’t reach my desired goals, I was falling sick all the time, and generally felt quite rubbish. Now though, since eliminating those items and sticking to the guidelines above, I feel much healthier and better, I don’t miss days of work due to being ill and I manage to keep a lean physique all year round which keeps my abs visable:)


Eat clean, stay healthy, stay happy!




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