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: 5 ways to screw up your progress

5 ways to screw up your progress

08 Sep


A few days ago I was having a chat with a friend of mine. When he expressed his frustration with not knowing what program to do and who’s advice to follow.

I said this to him “shhhtoooopppp! ( in my best dutch accent ), that is why you are getting confused. I can guarantee, if you ask 10 trainers for advice, you will get 10 different results.” Once I had finished doing my dutch impressions, I explained about the following rules.

Follow these to ensure you don’t end up bumfuzzled like him.


1. Listening to too many people

Ever heard the phrase too many cooks will spoil the broth?

Well this definitely applies to your training too.  This is not necessarily your fault either, due to the information overload that is available to you now, either from the Internet, magazines, tv, or from speaking to different people.  In my case, when it comes to learning for myself there are quite a few different “guru’s” out there. All of whom, will recommend a different approach from the next, but all of them will see results with their theories. So, rather than taking techniques and advice from 20 different people, pick one, stick to it for longer than a week and you will see results.

2. Not sticking to the same program

This point is really a follow up from point 1. If you take different advice from too many different people then more than likely the routines they suggest will be different too and often will have a different end goal in mind. To be honest, any program that you follow will yield some sort of results, considering that you stick to some fundamental strength training protocols, like progressive overload, if you constantly work harder and add more weight than the previous week, then you will make progress.  Not sticking to the same routine is a sure fire way to screw up your gains in the gym.

3. Not training frequently enough

Frequency refers to how many times a week you actually do a workout. Realistically, training 3 times a week isn’t going to be enough to see any drastic results. This doesn’t have to be a gym workout either, a circuit session at home or in the park will suffice! But the take home point is that you need to increase your frequency to at least 5 sessions to see and considerable results.

4. Not training with the right intensity

Its all about the intensity! Jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day won’t do a jack s**t.  The same rule will apply to lifting weights. If you are lifting light weights, that don’t really make your muscles work, or ache, then you’re doing it wrong. Just because the workout instructs you to lift 12 or 15 reps, it doesn’t mean that if you get it done on whatever weight, it will have an effect. You will need to go to failure, which means to the point of making all those funny faces you see and noises the men make when they lift weights.

5. Not eating the right foods

Regardless of how many times you go to the gym in the week and  how hard you train, if you don’t couple that effort with the right eating habits, then you will be sorely disappointed with the outcome, I promise you.  Only once you have developed these habits and seen some results, should you incorporate a cheat meal as a reward at the end of the week. If you haven’t managed to discipline yourself yet, then don’t bother having one as you will only indulge even further.


6. Being a douche bag!

Being a douche bag never has any benefits. Just look at all the douche bags in the movies.

Biff Tannen from back to the future

He ended up covered in peas and horse manure






Shooter Mcgavin from Happy Gilmore

He was hated and chased by an angry mob





White Goodman from dodgeball”

“nobody makes me bleed my own blood”. He ended up being fat and covered in grease.



To me, if someone doesn’t do these things when it comes to the gym, then you’re in the same category as these guys.

Don t be a douche bag, they’re not cool.

Be awesome instead


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