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: Are you really working hard?

Are you really working hard?

13 Aug

Hard work + Consistency = Results 


These two go hand in hand. If you really want to know the key to getting to your goals, then it pretty much boils down to this.


You can have the fanciest workout programme in the world but if it lacks hard work then nothing will happen.


Conversely you can have the simplest workout in the world with a few exercises BUT incorporate a ton of hard work into it and achieve mind blowing results.


“But Dale, I DO work hard!”


You don’t, I know you don’t, because I’ve trained people like you, I’ve trained myself and I know when I’m working hard and when I’m not. The majority of the time I’m in the latter category.


Just kidding,…kinda.


I know when I’m working hard because I pull faces.  I turn red –  really, really red, and I make uncontrollable, embarrassing noises.

And I know when I’m just going through the motions, because an ounce of sweat doesn’t drop from my forehead and my mind wanders onto other things. But when I’m working hard, there’s only one thing I can focus on . . . finishing.

This should be your hard work face, or sex face. ( If this IS your sex face then I salute you.)



I’m only partly joking about pulling sex faces when working out, but the point is this…

“You DO Have To Push Yourself “

Better still,  you have to push yourself harder than your last session.


That’s called progression, and it’s a key element to getting better.


But that’s not the whole piece of the pie. You also have to add  consistency in there too. I don’t mean consistent as in doing it for 1 hour, twice a week.  That’s not consistent, that’s like peeing against the wind and trying to not get wet – there’s a high chance of disappointment.


I’m talking about the consistency of doing some form of activity every single day. Preferably a gym based workout 4-5 times. But if you can’t then don’t stress about it, but get outside for a little run, play a sport, go cycling. Throw a frisbee, anything, just don’t sit on the couch.


Because not doing so is having no benefit to your life at all.


Remember the equation: Hard Work + Consistency = Results 


Even if all you do in the gym is bounce up and down on a swiss ball and pretend you’re on a horse, then be the most consistent, hard working swiss ball horse riding fanatic in the whole gym, but do it every day.


Because that, my friend, will get you better results than a half arsed workout done once a week.


This equation doesn’t just ring true for working out, it’s the same in area of life. Put in the hard graft, do it everyday and you WILL  get better. It’s really that simple.


Not so long ago I decided to start doing triathlon. I used to swim when I was a kid and gained my proficient swimmers certificate very fast. I could also pick up a brick from the bottom of the pool and tread water for 5 minutes. So I think it’s safe to say I know what I’m doing in the pool.


With this experience under my belt I thought I would be more than capable of getting in the pool and banging out 30 lengths in my first real triathlon session, and more to the point the first time I’d been in the pool for nearly 15 years.


How wrong was I? Very, very wrong as it turns out. I can now official “not swim for shit” as someone politely put it.


Apparently I resemble someone surviving more than effortlessly swimming. I could just about manage 25 metres without sinking.


So, to put my knowledge about hard work and consistency to the test, I’ve committed to swimming every single day, for 30-60 minutes, working on building up my strength, my stroke rate, the efficiency of my kicking and gliding through the pool. 4 weeks later, I can now swim 50m without drowning, just kidding.


But I am much better, so much so that I can do 10x my original distance. That’s progress. I haven’t done anything fancy, just stuck to the basics and worked on my weakness every day, and sometimes only half an hour. But every session has been hard and I’ve tried to push my self a little more each week.


That’s all you have to do.


So get to it, put in the hard work and be consistent as hell about it.

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