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: How to Workout | Things You Need To Be Doing In Your Workouts

How to Workout | Things You Need To Be Doing In Your Workouts

22 Oct

Let’s face it, sometimes working out can be boring as hell – I mean, who really wants to run on a treadmill and look at that sweaty dude in front for 30 minutes?

Not me that’s for sure.

Which is why today I want to share some knowledge and fun tips with you that can take your workout from mind numbingly boring to utterly incredible.

There are a million and one ways you can change your workouts and light that flame in the mind to excite you while you exercise- and they are good …just not as good as mine, so do mine instead.


1. Barbell Complexes

I personally think these are awesome as they are time efficient and require only 1 piece of equipment.

What are they?

Apart from being awesome, as you have just found out. They are a series of exercises that require the use of one barbell, and more importantly, one selected weight.

A simple routine to follow would be the one below, which lets you flow from one sickeningly hard exercise to another having no rest at all – much like a ballerina would flow from one move to the next – sort of.

1. Shoulder press

2. Front Squat

3. Bent over Row

4. Romanian Deadlift

5.  Hang Clean

Select one weight for all of the exercises so that there isn’t any swapping and changing, then do about 12 reps of each exercise.


2. 30 Minute Hellish Workouts

These workouts are usually only given to my subscribers who follow me via my newsletter. If you haven’t already done so then click on the blue tab at the top right of your screen, then you too can enjoy the benefits of becoming part of the Alexander Team. – I’ll wait for you to do it


Great, let’s move on.

I’ll share with you a little taster of one of the workouts that was posted this week.


1. Box Jumps

2. Bicycle Crunches

3. Alternating Lunges

4. Leg Raises

5. Jumping Squats

6. Russian Twists

7. Jumping Lunges

8. Weighted Crunches


So, the idea is to complete as many rounds of this circuit as possible within 30 minutes.  Do 20 reps of each exercise with little/no rest at all between.

Then at the end, count up how many points you achieved.



3. Training with a partner

There’s nothing weird or wacky about this one, just simply, train with a partner.  I suppose you can look at it with a positive and negative outlook.


1. More motivation.

2. Some one to high five, chest bump and fist bump with.

3. You will push more weight.

4.  You won’t feel stupid doing weird ‘out there’ exercises on your own.

5. You get to high five someone!


1. More talking about loose women and less time training.

2. They might not actually like high fiving, which then ultimately leaves you hanging once you have thrown it up in the air.- nobody wants that.

3. They might be a moaner and moan about all the exercises you are doing because they are too hard – in that case you would obviously be better off on your own.

4. They might smell or be one of those people who sweat profusely – again, opt for working alone.


4. These exercises


- L- sits

Amazing for your abs


- Boxing

Amazing for kicking ass and fat, and ass fat


- Kicking for cardio and a thinner waist

Amazing for fat burning and working your obliques


- The Torsonator

Amazing for various workouts – shoulders, core, legs, back


- Jumping Rope

Amazing for cardio, burning fat and looking cool


- Jumping

Amazing for sculpting your legs and bum, and also bringing the inner child out of you




5.  Not resting

Make your workouts so much harder by reducing your rest times between exercises, or even having no rest at all.



6.  High five-ing or Bro fisting


This won’t actually help you make progress in the gym so to speak, but, it’s really cool- so do it.






So go forth and use these tomorrow in your next workout.


Let me know how you get on, and what exercises you found the hardest



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