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Eating Disorders and My Mate Dave

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I have a mate called Dave, to give him his full name, Crazy Dave! And while he is rather funny he’s not the reason why I am writing this post today. But it does have something to do with what came out of his mouth.

He’s no stranger to a ridiculous comment, one of which happened the other day. We were casually discussing women whilst in the gym, what is attractive etc. (as men do), when we came across a rather slender dancer, strutting her stuff in the gym. Dave turns to me and says in his really northern accent (think Peter Kay meets Peter Stringfellow, but more butch)

She’s definitely the eating is cheating type of girl.”

Obviously I was quite taken aback by his comment and did what any sane person would do, questioned what the hell he was on about. He then went on to tell me that he knows quite a few dancers who are constantly told by their teachers that;

Eating is cheating.” and that “Thin is in.”

That they should make themselves;

As thin as a Ryvita

Now I was well aware that the dance community/culture is quite strict and cut throat about image. But the thought that certain individuals/role models in dance institutions, that have responsibilities to teach and look after young men and women, are filling their heads with ideas that they need to be of a certain shape and size to get ahead in their profession makes me sick and angry. 

Our society has a lot of problems, and obesity and eating disorders are a growing concern. These are are not issues that can be easily fixed and can cause devastation for those concerned. Young women and men are very impressionable. We only have to look at the majority of fashion magazines and beauty adverts to see that they are covered with thin models, and in my opinion it’s sending out the wrong message.

That they should starve themselves or purge to conform and make a success of themselves is not only unhealthy but in mine and probably the majority of peoples’ opinion is extremely unattractive too. Thin is most definitely not ‘the in thing’ however being stronger, healthier and fitter most definitely is. Something needs to be done about changing the way society as a whole looks at what “beauty” and healthy” actually is. 

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