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Wilmslow Personal Trainer | Christmas Strategies

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That time of year is almost upon us once again, the only time of the year when its socially acceptable to say the following things:


1. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist

2.  Just pull the end and wait for the bang

3. Smother the butter all over the breasts

4. I’m so full I’ve been gobbling nuts all morning

5. I do like a good stuffing


Yes, I am talking about Christmas, and besides the sexual puns, and playing childish games on my nan of  ”pass the fork and knife nan!” – she still has no clue what I am saying. It’s the time where we all seem to forget about training, work, life, and just think F**k it , it’s Christmas, I’m going to eat myself into a mince pie coma, and drink myself stupid.

Did you know that the average person gains around 5lbs over Christmas?

Now, I don’t want to play “ol’ Mr Scruge” and say that you shouldn’t do that stuff, because you can do what you want – obviously. But for those of you who really want to beat the holiday bulge, I am going to give you some strategies you can implement so that you don’t end up not being able to fit into your knitted jumper made by your grandmother.


9 Simple Strategies


1. Eat the turkey without the skin

Turkey is a great source of protein, so by all means eat it, just leave out the skin as that is very fattening. – You might also want to go easy on the gravy too


2. Swap mulled wine for some Gin

Alcohol is going to be flowing around this time of the year and you, or your parents( if they are like mine) have probably loaded the garage with every drink under the sun – I think we have still got a bottle of Limoncello and Cinzano that’s been with us for about a decade, nobody has ever requested it. So totally avoiding it is probably going to be out of the question, but instead swap it for something a little less high on the calorie side – Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, low calorie beer.


3. Drink plenty of water

If you’re bloated you won’t feel like eating much. I used to use this trick when ever a quiche was brought to the table – 2 pints of water downed leaving no room for a cheese pie.


4. Take a dog with you

I miss my dog Rex, when he wasn’t running off for a few days on end, he actually came in handy. Placing him under my seat as a child would help me clear my plate in no time. – we had an understanding, he stays quiet, I feed him. – R.I.P little buddy. Take your’s to the family dinner.


5. Don’t eat anything before your dinner

Fasting all morning before your main dinner is a good way to let you over indulge slightly. A morning fast has been shown to increase fat burning and also improves gut health, so that when you do eat all that food it will be broken down properly and not stored in your stomach lining.


6. Allow yourself a cheat day

If you are a follower of my healthy eating plan, you will be allowed a cheat day each week. So, if you eat healthily up until Christmas Day, then you can have that as your cheat day, which won’t make you feel too bad about eating your pies. It will also mean you won’t put on as much fat.


7. Eat fruit as your dessert.

Just like the alcohol suggestion, you can also have healthier alternatives to your desserts too. Fruit and yoghurt won’t be half as bad for you as cheesecake, ice cream or whatever else is laid out for you.


8. Keep exercising around Christmas

For some reason, as soon as people stop working around Christmas they decide to call it a day on exercising too. Why? It will take you less than an hour a day to complete, surely you’re not going to busy all day. There really is no excuse for this apart from laziness, I most certainly will be exercising whilst I am away, you should too. If you want some holiday exercise routines then I will be sending out loads to my newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t joined yet, then do it now so you don’t miss out.


9. Cover your plate with vegetables

If your house is like mine then you will have out your fanciest crockery, which usually means massive plates and really shiny knives and forks. The tendency for my mother is to load the plate like a mountain with everything. One way to combat this is, load it with vegetables instead of potatoes.


Follow these simple steps this Christmas to avoid getting the rudimentary festive bulge, and also give yourself a head start for the new year and all those resolutions.


If you have any tips that you use, then please share I would love to hear them



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Wilmslow Personal Trainer | Why believing everything you read is bad for you

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I used to believe in a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Magic, that brown milk used to come from brown cows, that girls don’t fart, and that gorilla fighters were actually gorillas – the list is endless, I literally believed everything.

But one which I really believed, and also something that a lot of other people still believe in (no, not that eating crusts will make your hair curly, or that weeing in a swimming pool will turn it a different colour) is that everything you read in magazines or commercials is actually verbatim and holds truth to everything.


I remember watching TV when the Ab circle pro came on, for those of you who have never seen this contraption then I have provided a picture to show exactly what BS they were trying to sell. The premise of this machine was that all you had to do was about 3 minutes of work, swinging from side to side would achieve the equivalent of doing 100 “abdominals” what ever that means – that statement in itself doesn’t even make sense, your abdominals are a muscle, so you would essentially achieve 100 of them? –  Me no understandi

They would also use some super ripped model to advertise it, which is fair enough, that’s how advertising works, they make you feel inadequate without their product so that you buy it.

Which is why I am here to say ” NO! you are not inadequate, you are awesome, don’t buy that crap” – or believe in it for that matter.

My mum is the worst for this, our old garage had everything in it from, a cross trainer, to inner thigh compression tools, to a fit ball, which has dare I say it only been used once in its entire life, and that was probably just to sit on to imitate a space hopper. – kids of the 80′s will be familiar with this.


Moving on to the next thing you need to be aware of, and that is,  Celebrity Endorsed Items.

 Be very careful of these people, they will put their name to anything just as long as they make some money. Yet we all get brain washed by it.

If Kim Kardashian wears sketchers then they must be good and I surely will get a butt like hers, won’t I?  That’s more or less the thought process that goes through everyone’s head when they see it.

Diet pills, calorie control pills and fad diets are more common than ever.

“Take two capsules before your main meal and you lose weight… that’s it” – holy fuck balls, it’s magic!

No scientific evidence is needed here, just a quote will do, she look’s like a trustworthy advocate of this product though, especially since she has put her signature on it.


Note : Anything that claims to do something in record time, or less than 5 minutes , or for that matter, anything without any real effort is in fact a load of crap, so throw it away, and if anyone tries to sell you something like this then you have permission from myself to punch them in the face.


This takes me to the next subject in question, and that is Fashion, and Beauty Magazines – Don’t read them, they will only make you feel ugly, and confuse you more than Lindsay Lohan’s sexuality.

Taking a sneak peak in any of the common magazines that people read everyday, it’s plain to see that they are awash with nonsense.

What you need to realise as the consumer and reader of these magazines is that they are there to do one thing, and one thing only, SELL. It is also the way reality TV game shows work too – but we can save that for another day.

Which is why they usually get printed with either the latest celebrity diet, or with a fabricated success story of someone who lost 4 stone by twiddling their thumbs and playing tennis on the Nintendo Wii. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I used to get told that anything worth having doesn’t come easy. This rings true with fitness and health, if it suggests you can achieve an amazing body with minimal effort, then it’s probably BS.



But, that’s not to say that everything out there is rubbish

If you want to read anything that will resemble the truth about fitness you can find it one or two ways:

1. Here – of course

2. Another Fitness Pro’s Website

3. Fitness Magazines with content written by professionals


So there you have it, a brief look into why reading everything you see isn’t actually good for you. Now go forth with a new found knowledge of the world, and share this with others. – and keep checking back here for real information of course.





 What did you believe in when you were younger? Are they worse than what I believed in?  I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Comment and share!



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How to workout | How to warm up

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‘Just jump on the treadmill and do a light warm up’ is what most people will have been told by someone in the past to do as a ‘sufficient’ warm up.

But is it enough?

Well, that’s what I am going to talk about today, and you will find out as you scroll down, how to perform a proper warm up that will prepare the body for the impact of exercise.

Let’s start with WHY. Then we will get on to how to warm up

Why do we need to warm up?

Good question- Thanks

Well, any exercise you perform that takes your body out of its steady state will cause some trauma to your joints, muscles, ligament and tendons. That exercise can be running, playing sports, weight lifting or even taking the dog for a walk – in some cases.

Which is why those joints and muscles need to be prepared beforehand so that no injury will occur.

So why can’t I just use the treadmill to warm up?


Well, running itself is quite an arduous task, and creates a great deal of pressure for your ankles, knees, hips, lower back, calves, thighs blah blah blah – let’s just say it puts a lot of pressure on stuff.

So if they haven’t prepared yourself before you do this then you can end up with a few niggling injuries.


People tend to use running to get fit, when really you need to be fit to run.

So, if you can’t run on the treadmill to warm up then what can you do?


Below I have provided a series of exercises and videos for you to use, learn and copy from. By incorporating this into your routines and before your workouts you should make use of the body in a proper way and prepare the muscles accordingly to the exercises that you are going to do.

But, before we get onto that I want to explain a bit more about why this type of warm up is much more effective that just hoping on a machine for a few minutes.


Preparing the body for the function in which it is about to be used.

Let’s say for instance, that you are about to workout with some weights, and that you are going to do a full body workout- like one of the ones I post up on here.  These workouts typically involved some sort of upper body pressing and pulling movement, and lower body squatting, lunging or bending movement.

To me, it would make more sense to warm the body up to those movements that you are going to do in the work out.

To put it a better way, running on the treadmill, using the cross trainer or bike isn’t going to use the same muscles, movements of joint actions as say, a squat or push up because they are muscles that are used in a completely different way.

I hope you are following so far

While I don’t want you to develop a hatred for old Mr treadmill, and to look at it with an awkward eye, I do however want to introduce you to, and broaden your mind to some exercises and stretches that will not only warm you up efficiently, but also increase your flexibility and range of motion.

Being able to move better is all about improving mobility, which is defined as the ability to reach a certain posture of position.

Improving mobility will also mean that when you get old and grey you won’t be calling for a walking stick, or the help of a carer to get you out of a chair instead, you will be moving as if you were 10 years old again. – Maybe.


Static stretching – is it good enough?

In a nutshell… no. The reason why you shouldn’t really do static muscular stretching before a workout is because it will prepare the body only for a non-moving environment and not prepare it for movement or quickness. This is why you should opt for dynamic and ligamentous stretching before and leave the static stuff until afterwards., as it does have it’s purpose in a workout, it’s just often misunderstood.

Dynamic warm ups can prepare your muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and fire up your nervous system before a workout so that you can train at an optimum level.

Setting up your warm up routine as a circuit is always a good way to not only improve your flexibility but also get the heart rate going a little.

A simple circuit of what I would do, would be the one below.

Click the links to see your favourite trainer (me) doing a demo!


A1. Bodyweight Prisoner Deep Squat                     10 reps

A2. Kneeling Push Up                                                10 reps

A3. Bodyweight Alternating Lunge                        10 reps

A4. Hand Walkouts                                                    10 reps


You would complete 3 circuits of this before you begin to workout.

To see the whole playlist of exercises then click here

Doing something like this can be much more beneficial than just 5 minutes on the cross trainer.

I would personally recommend doing this before any sort of workout.


Ligamentous Stretching

Our bodies were designed first and foremost, to survive. Secondly, designed to move.  But nowadays, we are more likely to sit around more than we would get up and be active. Apart from the obvious risk this has to the weight of the vast majority of the population, it also has detrimental effects to a lot of our joints and ligaments.

Our bodies will have a cool way of protecting/shortening ligaments that get under used through time.

So for example, if you are sat with your legs at a 90-degree position i.e. in a chair for 8, 10, 12 hours a day your ligaments around your hip joint will have shortened- they have no reason to be stretched.

So, when you come to being active i.e. going to the gym, you end up having a little bit of trouble – cue sore lower back pain.

This is when a static ligamentous stretch can come in handy, like the ones below.

These can send a signal to your brain to tell the ligaments relax a little and allow for a bit more range of movement .


Think of it like this – Use it or lose it


Here are 2 video descriptions of the 2 main exercises I would include into my warm up.


90/90 Hip Stretch


Squat Stretch


Foam Rolling – Ah those little cylindrical foam pieces of torture

Have you ever seen those foam cylinder things in the gym they are normally brightly coloured?


Well they’re pretty good.


What do they do?

Foam rolling will basically smoothen out and lengthen your muscles, think of it like ironing out wrinkles in a shirt, but instead your removing adhesions and scar tissue from the muscles. This will in turn help with better blood circulation to the muscles and aid in recovery too.

You see, when you exercise you create little micro tears in the muscles. Over time these micro tears can turn into adhesions and scars and create tightness in the muscle- you could think of this as a knot.

Now stretching is good but if you have a knot in the muscle then think of your muscle as a piece of string with a knot in it, and the more the stretch or pull the muscle then the more the knot will tighten up, but by rolling it, it will loosen up and relax.


Try these exercises  


Quadricep Roll


Hamstring Roll


Thoracic Roll


Calf Roll


ITB Roll


So give these a go in this order.

  1. Foam Roll   ( 3 minutes )
  2. Ligamentous Stretching   ( 3 minutes )
  3. Full Body Warm Up Circuit  ( 5 minutes )















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