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Wilmslow Personal Trainer | How To Workout

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Recently I was sent an email asking the question “how can a stay at home mum, with two kids, and a busy day ahead of her find time to go to the gym and do a workout? Can you tell me how to workout from home? P.s you are amazing! ( OK I may have added that last bit myself )

Well this question can open up a can of worms as there are many different factors that come into play.

How to Workout for Beginners..

If you have never worked out before, and you have decided that now is the time to start doing so then take into consideration the following things.

- Be as active as possible 

Sometimes there is an advantage to being a beginner. If you have been used to doing little or no exercise, and then start working out a few times per week, then you will have the advantage of shocking your body quite drastically and promoting some immediate fat loss, considering you pair that with eating better.  So simply taking the step of being as active as possible for a few weeks by walking to work, walking the dogs, doing a little run, or even the home workout posted below will be enough to make the body change.

- Cut out one bad thing from your diet 

Often when people come to see me, I will immediately tell them to cut down their bread intake first and foremost, with a matter of days my clients notice that their waistline has been reduced, and they don’t feel as bloated as they used to.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, you can’t plough the field without sowing the seeds, or something like that. It is however, unrealistic to tell you to immediately cut every bad thing out of your diet from the start, so instead, start to eliminate things gradually.

- Warm Up and Stretch

Because you are a beginner, you will more than likely be quite stiff and immobile. So before you do any type of exercise, a good thorough warm up of the whole body is
This is a perfect quick, warm up you can do in less than five minutes-needed. Just so you don’t end up with any injuries.  A good whole body warm up can also serve as a workout too and gets the heart rate up quite fast.

1. Wide Stance Deep Squat  12 Repetitions

- Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart, keep your back up straight, bend at the knees and sit your hips back as if you were sitting down in a chair. A good tip would be to place a small stool behind you and lower your self down onto it and stand up again.

2. Kneeling Press Up   12 Repetitions 

- Start on your knees, place your hands on the floor or even elevated onto a couch, so that your hands are inline with your chest. Bend want the elbows so that your chest touches the floor or the couch, push yourself back up to the start position and repeat.

3. Alternating Lunge.  12 Repetitions 

-  Stand with your feet together, place one foot out infront of you, keep your back up straight, and bend the back knee towards the floor.  This should make the front leg also bend to a 90 degree angle. Once the hind knee has touched the floor, return to the start position, change legs and repeat.

Do 1 set of each exercise, have 20 seconds rest and then complete another. You will need to work in a full range of movement, which means for example,  all the way to the floor with the press up, if you can’t get all the way down, then place your hands on the couch with your knees on the floor.

The same rule applies with the Deep Squat and the Alternating Lunge, your body won’t be as warmed up if you don’t work in a full range of motion.


The Beginner Home Workout Routine

For this workout, you will need the following:

1. A set of stairs

2. A chair

3.  2 x 1 litre bottles of water

4. A towel

5.  A space to move around in

6.  Music, Ipod, radio, MTV

7. Sweat band, bum bag, lycra pants optional.

8. Watch, timer


The 60 Second Workout


A1. Bottom step quick steps        60 seconds (as many as you can)

A2. Water Bottle Shoulder Press.   60 seconds  (as many as you can)

Rest 60 seconds  Repeat Twice

B1. Deep Stool Squats  60 seconds  (as many as you can)

B2. Mountain Climbers 60 seconds  (as many as you can)

Rest 60 seconds Repeat Twice

C1. Chair Tricep Dips   60 seconds (as many as you can)

C2. Bicycle Crunch       60 seconds (as many as you can)

Rest 60 seconds  Repeat Twice

Now, becuase our bodies have this fantastic way of adapting to things that we place upon them, you will soon become accustomed to this routine within a matter of weeks. Which is why you will need to change it up a bit.

Here are a few ways in which you can mix things up 

1. Shorten the rest period between exercises

2. Add more weight to the exercise

3. Change the repetitions

4. Do more sets of each exercise

5. Change the tempo

6. Make the exercises more advanced


Here is an example  of the same workout, but changed to make it harder using the options above.

A1. Quick steps ( instead of single step ups, use a double footed hop) – 60 seconds 

A2. Weighted Shoulder press .- use a heavier weight, perform 20 reps super slow. With each rep taking 6 seconds to complete. 

- have no rest before performing exercise A1 again for 3 sets instead of 2.

B1. Weighted super slow stool squat – (perform 20 reps with each rep taking 8 seconds to complete )

B2. Mountain climbers – do these for 2 minutes instead of 1

- have no rest before completing exercise B1 again for 3 sets instead of 2 

C1. Chair Tricep Dips- raise your feet onto a table or box ( perform 12 reps )

C2. Double leg raise. – lift both legs in the air at the same time and slowly lower to the floor.

Perform 15 reps, repeat the exercise a further 3 times, and finish!


By now your sweat band should be soaking, and those lycra pants should be ready for the wash.


How to workout for beginners, done!


If you like my posts or have any questions then please share and leave a comment.




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How to Workout | How To Kick Your Arse Into Gear

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Here’s the deal,  currently, today, right now,  I am in that stage of life where I have nothing to aim for. My life as I know it, is in turmoil, because I have no motivation to train!

Which got my little brain ticking over to thinking WHY. Why am I bored of training? Is it because I am in a gym every day for about 12 hours each time, and that I am sick to death of looking at dumbbells and treadmills? Possibly. Or is it more to do with the fact that I have nothing to train towards or even to motivate me to train? Most likely.

I have just been going through the motions of training recently, with no real emphasis on pushing myself to my limit, and basically I haven’t been practicing what I’ve preached, and have been a bit lazy, shhhh.

But, do not worry, I am back in the game. I am going to set myself a date for a photo shoot  (very cringe worthy), especially when I look like chandler from friends when I have to smile for a photo. But, it will kick my arse into gear and scare me into actually doing some proper work in the gym instead of pussy footing around, like I have been for the past few weeks.

Im going to kick my procrastinating self in the face!

You see, I am weird. Weird in a way that I need to take on outrageous tasks in life in order to motivate me to do things, if I am comfortable, and don’t have anything to aim for then I most probably won’t push myself. But, if I set a target, and I don’t just mean writing something down in a diary, I mean actually paying for an event like a photo shoot and  telling people that I am going to do it, so that I risk being ridiculed for not actually going through with it. Then, I will be sure to actually do something about it, and I will have to walk the walk instead of talking the talk.

(this is me walking the walk metaphorically)

This strange approach to my fitness also applies to my work life too. I will often commit to buying things which I know I cant afford , but then his makes me poop my pants a little at the thought that I will need to work harder to earn more money to pay for all of this stuff. Some might say this is somewhat on the risky side (my mother especially), and I am destined for a catastrophic failure, but for some reason it works, for me.


If you’re hitting a little bit of a plateau with your training or life, then why not put your family, house, and life at risk and think ‘screw it, you only live once’ and gamble it away by re mortgaging your house for that Ferrari you always wanted. Only joking! please don’t do that, but, please do, set yourself some actual targets in life. If you want to work harder in the gym, then sign yourself up for a marathon, photo shoot, or whatever, just as long as it is an actual commitment, and not a wish list written down on a piece of paper.

Here is a list of events that came into my mind that would work


1. Tough Mudder

2. London Marathon

3. Photo Shoot / Cover Model

4. White Collar Boxing Match

5. Race for Life 

6. Flab to Fab 8 Week Challenge


To sum up, put yourself in an uncomfortable position (I don’t mean like this >), because in my experience, it makes you focus and work a lot harder.












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Wilmslow Personal Trainer | Myth Busting

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Besides being a personal trainer and all round awesome guy, I do like to help people out and spread some home truths.

In this post I am going to bust some myths wide open, like the myth busting machine that I am.  It’s about time somebody set the record straight on all this fitness stuff.


1. When women lift weight they will get big and bulky and grow testicles.

I often hear,

“I just want to tone up, I don’t want to lift weights though, I don’t want to look like a man”


“I tried lifting weights once, but my legs got bigger”

This is a very common thought when women decide to start training, and one that  is pretty much impossible to do, unless of course, you are taking performance enhancing drugs, I.e female body builders. Reason for this is, you simply don’t have enough testosterone production in your body to make this happen. Testosterone is the prominent male hormone that aids in reproductive tissues such as the testes and prostate as well as promoting muscle and bone mass, and also promoting hair growth. So, for the ladies, you won’t have enough of this hormone to cause and mass muscle building effects, so don’t worry.

 ( to be fair the guy in the picture looks good though)


2. Doing crunches will get you a flat stomach.

I am not saying that you should stop doing abdominal work, but, I am saying that this shouldn’t be your be all and end all to your journey to a flat stomach. I saw a quote  that read  ’abs aren’t made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen’, which is correct. Everybody has a Rectus Abdominus, its not just there for show, it actually has a purpose of movement and support in the body. The way of making it visible is to burn away the fat that surrounds it, so endlessly doing crunches won’t make an ounce of difference to it. Yes, you will have a stronger core, but, if there is still a layer of fat surrounding that area, then you will still look the same.

(or you could just do what this guy did, spray them on instead!)



3.  Watching The Biggest Loser and thinking, that’s how I’ve got to workout to lose weight.

These guys are idiots, complete and utter idiots, who have sold out to the tv companies to make a few quid. Training does NOT and should NOT ever amount to someone being ridiculed and shouted at. The reason why this one is in, is because it is already quite intimidating to get yourself to go to the gym in the first place, but then some wise guy decides to put on a show where overweight, self concious people get made to feel even more self concious and stupid by some tool with a whistle. To anyone reading this who is already unsure about joining a gym, or working with a trainer, this stuff you see on the TV isn’t real, and if anyone spoke to me like they do these shows I’d be sure to give them a swift kick in the testicles, you should do the same.



4. Skipping breakfast

I love food, I really love food, healthy most of the time, and it takes a lot for me to skip eating, even when I’m sick I will still eat. I think you get my point, I like food…basically. For the amount of food I eat, the normal response is ” why aren’t you fat?”, which is a good question, you would think that I should be 10 stone over weight, but I’m not, in fact I’ve stayed the same weight for about 4 years, and the reason why is because, I eat the right foods, most of the time.


For example,

If you were to eat a mars bar it would have around 250 calories in it, they would also be empty calories, as in they would have no nutrional benefit, they wouldn’t fill you up, and would just add on a lot of fat.  Compared to eating a chicken breast, which has less total calories ( around 170 ), is bigger in size, but also satisfies your hunger for longer, and has nutritious value. Meaning you can eat a hell of a lot more food during the day, and are also the food that you are eating has so much more nutritious value.

So the idea of skipping breakfast so that you have less calories during the day is absurd to me. According to research, people who skip breakfast are more likely to over eat during the rest of the day too. If the reason is that you are rushed in the morning and have a busy day at work then you most of all will need a decent meal in the morning as it will provide your body with energy and your mind with alertness to tackle the day.


5. Fad Diets

I could just say “Don’t do them !” but that wouldn’t be for a good read would it?

The thing is with these fad diets is, they are basically just good marketing, they know that people are always looking for a quick fix and will believe anything that promises results in 6 weeks or less. Pretty much every few months there is a new diet that’s filling the trashy magazines that some celebrity has just started and is raving about. Yes, they might help you shed some weight in the short term, but they are not designed for the long term in mind. Usually what these diets suggest is to cut your calories intake by drinking your own wee ( that may be slightly exaggerated, please don’t do that), but when you finish the diet and go back to eating regularly, your body won’t be used to processing this amount of food and will ultimately lead to more excessive fat gain than ever before. I can’t stress enough how simply eating healthily and exercising properly is the best way to losing fat.



So there you have it, 5 myths busted wide open, KAPOW!

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