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: Wilmslow Personal Trainer | Christmas Strategies

Wilmslow Personal Trainer | Christmas Strategies

26 Nov

That time of year is almost upon us once again, the only time of the year when its socially acceptable to say the following things:


1. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist

2.  Just pull the end and wait for the bang

3. Smother the butter all over the breasts

4. I’m so full I’ve been gobbling nuts all morning

5. I do like a good stuffing


Yes, I am talking about Christmas, and besides the sexual puns, and playing childish games on my nan of  ”pass the fork and knife nan!” – she still has no clue what I am saying. It’s the time where we all seem to forget about training, work, life, and just think F**k it , it’s Christmas, I’m going to eat myself into a mince pie coma, and drink myself stupid.

Did you know that the average person gains around 5lbs over Christmas?

Now, I don’t want to play “ol’ Mr Scruge” and say that you shouldn’t do that stuff, because you can do what you want – obviously. But for those of you who really want to beat the holiday bulge, I am going to give you some strategies you can implement so that you don’t end up not being able to fit into your knitted jumper made by your grandmother.


9 Simple Strategies


1. Eat the turkey without the skin

Turkey is a great source of protein, so by all means eat it, just leave out the skin as that is very fattening. – You might also want to go easy on the gravy too


2. Swap mulled wine for some Gin

Alcohol is going to be flowing around this time of the year and you, or your parents( if they are like mine) have probably loaded the garage with every drink under the sun – I think we have still got a bottle of Limoncello and Cinzano that’s been with us for about a decade, nobody has ever requested it. So totally avoiding it is probably going to be out of the question, but instead swap it for something a little less high on the calorie side – Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, low calorie beer.


3. Drink plenty of water

If you’re bloated you won’t feel like eating much. I used to use this trick when ever a quiche was brought to the table – 2 pints of water downed leaving no room for a cheese pie.


4. Take a dog with you

I miss my dog Rex, when he wasn’t running off for a few days on end, he actually came in handy. Placing him under my seat as a child would help me clear my plate in no time. – we had an understanding, he stays quiet, I feed him. – R.I.P little buddy. Take your’s to the family dinner.


5. Don’t eat anything before your dinner

Fasting all morning before your main dinner is a good way to let you over indulge slightly. A morning fast has been shown to increase fat burning and also improves gut health, so that when you do eat all that food it will be broken down properly and not stored in your stomach lining.


6. Allow yourself a cheat day

If you are a follower of my healthy eating plan, you will be allowed a cheat day each week. So, if you eat healthily up until Christmas Day, then you can have that as your cheat day, which won’t make you feel too bad about eating your pies. It will also mean you won’t put on as much fat.


7. Eat fruit as your dessert.

Just like the alcohol suggestion, you can also have healthier alternatives to your desserts too. Fruit and yoghurt won’t be half as bad for you as cheesecake, ice cream or whatever else is laid out for you.


8. Keep exercising around Christmas

For some reason, as soon as people stop working around Christmas they decide to call it a day on exercising too. Why? It will take you less than an hour a day to complete, surely you’re not going to busy all day. There really is no excuse for this apart from laziness, I most certainly will be exercising whilst I am away, you should too. If you want some holiday exercise routines then I will be sending out loads to my newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t joined yet, then do it now so you don’t miss out.


9. Cover your plate with vegetables

If your house is like mine then you will have out your fanciest crockery, which usually means massive plates and really shiny knives and forks. The tendency for my mother is to load the plate like a mountain with everything. One way to combat this is, load it with vegetables instead of potatoes.


Follow these simple steps this Christmas to avoid getting the rudimentary festive bulge, and also give yourself a head start for the new year and all those resolutions.


If you have any tips that you use, then please share I would love to hear them



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