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: Coconut Water

Coconut Water

30 Aug



‘I think everybody should stop throwing things at coconuts when you go to ¬†fairgrounds, because they are pretty awesome and don’t deserve to go through such an horrendous ordeal ‘


Wouldn’t we all love to be sat on a white sandy beach, probably in the¬†Bahamas, looking out to the ocean without a care in the world, and drinking from a fresh coconut with a straw?

I know I would. But perhaps not everyone can enjoy that luxury, but what you can do, is enjoy the enormous benefits of drinking coconut water. You will just have to settle for imagining being on a beach whilst you drink it.

But anyway enough of the day dreaming, lets get down to the nitty gritty of why Coconut water is pretty awesome.


Besides from being a deliciosuly refreshing drink, cocnut water has a host of benefits.


It’s very low in carbs (winner!), its 99% fat free and its very low in sugars.

It is also completely organic, which is a massive thumbs up from me.

It’s an all natural isotonic beverage unlike sports drinks which are full of sugar and other chemicals

It’s a natural way of refreshing your body’s fluids after exercising

It can raise your metabolism

Promote’s weight loss

Boost’s your immune system

Can help control diabetes

Treats Kidney stones

Boost poor circulation

Coconut water is better than processed baby milk as it contains Lauric acid, which is present in human mothers

Is there no end to coconut’s powers?!

¬†Go and try it, you won’t be disappointed !


Merv Griffin raves about them, they must be good!


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