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: How to Workout | Go heavy or go home!

How to Workout | Go heavy or go home!

15 Oct

As far as cliché quotes go, saying ‘go heavy or go home’ when referring to lifting weights is much similar to Liam Neeson saying ‘ im going to do, what I do best’ -Taken 2, when he’s about to wreak havoc on some unlucky mobsters- its enough to make you throw up. By the way if you are planning on seeing Taken 2, don’t, it’s sooooo cliché.


But, there is a lot of truth to that statement.


As you will find out further on in this post.


But first, here is a video of some cool ladies lifting some heavy stuff.



Oh yes, before we go on, I’m going to litter this post with as many clichés as possible too, so, erm , keep an eye out, because this is going to be the best thing since sliced bread, ah there’s number one!


So, why should you lift heavy?

Seems like a good place to start. Apart from the fact that lifting heavy is for awesome people, there are a lot of physiological benefits to lifting heavy. One being, greater fat loss, because you’re asking your body to move a serious amount of weight then more muscle fibres will be recruited to move that weight from A to B, and in turn a greater expenditure of energy will be released, thus burning more of those little calories that we all hate.

It also has after effects too, as building lean muscle burns additional calories while you sit down doing nothing.


But don’t be scared you don’t have to look like this guy to get results

You do however, have to stop lifting ‘comfortable’ weights – I never understand why my clients tell me this as if I’m not going to change anything, and I’m happy as long as they are comfortable. Please banish this idea from your mind as it will do you no good and you may as well shoot yourself in the foot.

So now we know that it burns a lot of fat, but what other benefits are there?

1. It’s pretty cool

Ok, your opinion of what’s cool and mine might be slightly different, but I think there is nothing cooler than a guy or girl lifting some heavy stuff in the gym properly and showing other people how its done.

Using big exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench and military presses , hang cleans and snatches go hand in hand with lifting heavy, and they look awesome when performed properly.

Check this video out to see why!


Pretty cool don’t you think? Plus these girls aren’t ‘big and bulky’ either, do you agree?


2. It will build lean muscle.

I touched on this at the start of this post so i’ll try not to repeat myself too much, but, adding an extra pound of lean muscle will burn additional calories while you sit down at home picking your nose. This is mainly due to the fact that the more muscle you ave on your body, then the more your body has to use up energy (calories) to maintain them.


Building lean muscle tissue will also help you when you get older too, as all of the movements I just mentioned are similar tomovements you do everyday. So getting stronger at these will stop you from using the zimmerframe when you hit 60, and using the stair lift to shift your backside up the stairs.


3. You will look awesome – say bye to the muffin top!

Apart from looking like the coolest kid on the block, you will also reap the benefits of a cracking body too. Lifting heavy often means using more than 1 muscle to perform a given movement and boosting your heart rate up, it also means you will target your core more effectively.

I can’t promise that you will look like super woman but you can bet your boots that you will work your mid section like never before. – you can thank me for your rock hard torso by either giving me money as a way of gratitude (fair is fair) or, you can share this with your friends and look awesome together.


4.  It will keep you flexible and improve your sex life

Research suggests that the more supple you are the better sex life you have – I didn’t even make that up, it’s pretty much verbatim.

If that’s not enough to make you want to lift heavy then I don’t know what is. But just incase it’s not, here’s the reason why.

When lifting heavy weights you will force your muscles to stretch under the load. Studies have also shown that weight training is better at doing so than regular stretching.- so keep the camp fires burning and lift heavy!


Ask yourself this question. Do I want to look awesome, be strong, and according to research, have a better sex life? – I know what my answer is.


Then put the 2kg weights down and get lifting big heavy things. Like this guy >


Before I go, how many cliche quotes did you spot? – I tried to riddle it as much as I could.


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