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: How to Workout | How To Kick Your Arse Into Gear

How to Workout | How To Kick Your Arse Into Gear

29 Sep

Here’s the deal,  currently, today, right now,  I am in that stage of life where I have nothing to aim for. My life as I know it, is in turmoil, because I have no motivation to train!

Which got my little brain ticking over to thinking WHY. Why am I bored of training? Is it because I am in a gym every day for about 12 hours each time, and that I am sick to death of looking at dumbbells and treadmills? Possibly. Or is it more to do with the fact that I have nothing to train towards or even to motivate me to train? Most likely.

I have just been going through the motions of training recently, with no real emphasis on pushing myself to my limit, and basically I haven’t been practicing what I’ve preached, and have been a bit lazy, shhhh.

But, do not worry, I am back in the game. I am going to set myself a date for a photo shoot  (very cringe worthy), especially when I look like chandler from friends when I have to smile for a photo. But, it will kick my arse into gear and scare me into actually doing some proper work in the gym instead of pussy footing around, like I have been for the past few weeks.

Im going to kick my procrastinating self in the face!

You see, I am weird. Weird in a way that I need to take on outrageous tasks in life in order to motivate me to do things, if I am comfortable, and don’t have anything to aim for then I most probably won’t push myself. But, if I set a target, and I don’t just mean writing something down in a diary, I mean actually paying for an event like a photo shoot and  telling people that I am going to do it, so that I risk being ridiculed for not actually going through with it. Then, I will be sure to actually do something about it, and I will have to walk the walk instead of talking the talk.

(this is me walking the walk metaphorically)

This strange approach to my fitness also applies to my work life too. I will often commit to buying things which I know I cant afford , but then his makes me poop my pants a little at the thought that I will need to work harder to earn more money to pay for all of this stuff. Some might say this is somewhat on the risky side (my mother especially), and I am destined for a catastrophic failure, but for some reason it works, for me.


If you’re hitting a little bit of a plateau with your training or life, then why not put your family, house, and life at risk and think ‘screw it, you only live once’ and gamble it away by re mortgaging your house for that Ferrari you always wanted. Only joking! please don’t do that, but, please do, set yourself some actual targets in life. If you want to work harder in the gym, then sign yourself up for a marathon, photo shoot, or whatever, just as long as it is an actual commitment, and not a wish list written down on a piece of paper.

Here is a list of events that came into my mind that would work


1. Tough Mudder

2. London Marathon

3. Photo Shoot / Cover Model

4. White Collar Boxing Match

5. Race for Life 

6. Flab to Fab 8 Week Challenge


To sum up, put yourself in an uncomfortable position (I don’t mean like this >), because in my experience, it makes you focus and work a lot harder.












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