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: Living the 80/20 Life ( guest post )

Living the 80/20 Life ( guest post )

11 Sep



Ladies! I ask you… have you always wanted to just eat rubbish? Well now you can, well, actually not all of the time, that may have been a slight exaggeration on my behalf, but read on and I will explain how.


Let me tell you one thing right now – SOD THE FADS! They are useless and unachievable as a long-term lifestyle and as soon as you stop the weight will just pile back on grrrr. Follow this and you will be sure to have a BANGIN’ BOD and ladies if you didn’t know already, Victoria’s Secret has just opened on New Bond Street so what more could you want to get in shape for! My sources tell me it is incredible!

So this is the deal… 80/20. Simple as. Eat super clean and train like a machine Monday to Friday and then when the weekend comes you can have a beverage in the sun (or more than likely in front of a log fire now), have a cheeky bite of chocolate, and even indulge in a little bit of pizza, BUT DONT GO CRAZY! Sounds too good to be true hey! Well read on….


Even though you’re having all these treats in the ‘20’ part of your week, you have to be clever and clued up about your delicious choices… DO NOT EAT 10 MARS BARS!

Always be sure to choose the best as lets face it – you will then look the best…


Alcohol – No1 Choice – G&T – nothing beats it, be sure to add ice and squeeze a slice of lime and opt for a slimline tonic! So you need to drop the pints and get on this.

FACT: Did you know that if you consume five pints a week – the equivalent of 250 pints a year – you would be consuming the same amount of calories as someone who ate 221 doughnuts in a year! YUCK! Put the pints down!


Chocolate – No1 Choice – 70% + cocoa – incredible with a hint of mint! Don’t grab the milk as dark is the way to go. But REMEMBER, don’t go insane for it and eat a whole bar. have a couple of squares, and that’s it!


FACT: Cocoa is used to make both dark and milk chocolate and contains flavenoids, epicatchins and procyanidins, which act as antioxidants in the body. The higher the concentration of cocoa, the higher the amount of flavenoids present. Milk chocolate has all these benefits but also a whole lot of milk and sugar added too – making you fat!


Pizza – No1 Choice – gluten free – be sure to make your own gluten free base (follow the recipe precisely so you don’t end up with a ‘buttery biscuit base’ like me). Chop up as much vege as you want, spread fresh tomatoes and crack on the meat – heaven!


FACT: Gluten is basically a special type of protein found in foods such as cereals, wheat and certain grains, with one of its main purposes being to keep the elasticity in food during the fermentation phase of food production e.g. making the bread ‘chewy’. A gluten-free diet can have a variety of healthy benefits such as improving cholesterol levels, increasing energy levels and promoting digestive health.









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