Personal Coaching

Change your body, your health, your life

Transformation Programme


Are you unhappy with your body or lacking energy and vitality?

Do you want new focus and new direction?

Are you confused about nutrition and what foods to eat?

Do you feel like your fitness levels and shape aren’t what they used to be?


Knowing how to change your body isn’t easy, especially with the amount of information available to us on a daily basis, and most of it seems to be confusing, right?

Even finding the time to get an effective workout in whilst fitting it around work, doing the school run and sorting the kids out seems sometimes impossible.


I started doing my Personal Coaching  for a few reasons:

I wanted to help people like you to achieve the body they’ve been dreaming of.

I wanted to help more people like you to feel confident within themselves

I wanted to help more people change their lives around through proper exercise, thorough goal setting, correct eating habits, and new lifestyle habits.


In order for you to not only transform your body, but also your life you need to focus on the following areas:

1. Exercise

2. Nutritional habits

3. Stress levels and sleeping patterns

4. Lifestyle and social surroundings


During our time together we will master all of these areas to ensure that you achieve amazing results and stick to them in the future.


 Here’s what other clients have said about our time together 

“Dale was highly recommended to me by a work colleague earlier this year who knew I was unhappy with my weight andfitness levels. In August 2012 I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for some training sessions. I really wasn’t sure it would be for me, believing that personal training was for fit, slim people not very overweight, unfit people like me. I wandered into the first session somewhat reluctantly, worried about what I was about to face thinking it would all be a waste of time and money.

 From the very first session Dale instilled confidence and provided support, encouraging me to work hard and provided a personal diet plan to assist me with the all important weight loss.  During the first sessions he told me we would build up to work in the weights room – my response was to laugh and say no way that room is for the men!

 How wrong was I? Three and a half months later I have lost three and a half stone, progressed to a level of fitness that I could never have imagined.  I train once a week with Dale and the sessions are varied, challenging and will always push me to my limits (and that’s just the mandatory high fives!).

His patience, knowledge and humour make the sessions enjoyable with great results, and yes, I now frequently work out in the weights room just like he said I would!

The time and dedication that Dale invests in his clients is second to none and I cannot recommend him highly enough to others.”





I have been working out in different gyms for the past 7 years but never really seen a difference and then I met Dale and that soon changed.

Dale has given me great confidence and support for me to achieve my goals that we set 12 weeks ago, even though as tough as the training can be and at times I have wanted to get up and walk out dale has always kept me focused and with that he provides a friendly and fun atmosphere. I have learnt so much about myself  and my body and will continue to maintain the hard work.

Thank you Dale for your outstanding commitment




What’s Included When I Commit To Changing My Life?


3 x 60 minute sessions per week

In depth movement assessment to help spot any weaknesses in the body

Full reports provided on your health, lifestyle, nutrition,

Nutritional Coaching and plans

Thorough goal setting

Lifestyle changes to ensure you maintain a healthy life

Workouts to do away from our sessions (using exclusive access to Trainerize app)

Analysis of your sleeping patterns to help you achieve optimal recovery both mentally and physically

Access to an online support community where you can talk with like minded individuals

Weekly / Monthly reviews and assessments to keep you track

Access to exclusive client events

Optional extras 

Monthly In depth body fat analysis accompanied with nutritional strategies for helping with improving

Sports massage